Complete Construction, Remodeling and Renovation

Here at Renovations Unlimited in Mableton, GA, we can take care of all facets of a home improvement project including complete construction, remodeling and renovation work. Established in 2010, we have become a favorite among the homeowners in the Cobb County area for our top-notch quality and timely services. When you hire us for a project you can be rest assured that we will do everything that is needed to transform your home into a stunning living environment.

Our owner-operator Weldon Price got his start in the business of making homes more beautiful and functional with appliance installation at new construction projects. This pretty much helped him learn and get a hands-on experience in everything from electrical and plumbing, to woodworking and structural modifications. However, he didn’t stop there. Weldon formalized his education and passed the rigorous test to become a Georgia State Licensed Contractor.

Find Out Why State Licensing Important to Home Owners

First, it means that all work adheres to County codes, which protects you from hazardous practices by untrained workers.

More importantly, it means that the County recognizes the addition of square footage to a home. In Georgia that’s important when finishing out a basement. Without a licensed contractor doing the work, the basement cannot be added to the overall square footage of a house. And when it’s time to sell, that can make a difference of thousands of dollars. You may also call to find out more about the importance of hiring a state licensed contractor for your home project. Our bath and kitchen design experts can walk you through the kitchen remodeling and bathroom design process.